Art can educate, inspire, and mobilize young people
to create communities where everyone is valued, safe, and able to thrive;
where we choose all of us.

Idaho middle/junior high and high school artists illustrated published works from the 2018 Stories of Transformation poetry books written by Idaho students at the 7th Annual LIVE ChalkHeART Challenge on May 3rd at the Linen Building.

Over 20 teams representing more than 75 middle-school and high-school students from throughout Idaho participated in the LIVE, timed challenge to illustrate their selected poem from the 2018 Stories of Transformation poetry book or the poem We Choose All of Us. Statewide teams unable to attend the LIVE challenge also participated and submitted towards the Statewide ChalkHeART Challenge. LIVE and Statewide artists/teams were selected for ChalkHeART Awards and received up to a $100 cash prize.


ChalkHeART Awards – LIVE and Statewide Challenge

Middle/Jr. High:
North Junior High – Team Viking Blue
North Junior High – Team Platinum

High School:
Borah High School – Team Metamorphis
Borah High School – Team Unimaginable
Idaho Fine Arts Academy – Team Queens
Kuna High School – Team Kuna Kavemen

One Stone High School – Team One Stone
Timberlake High School – Team TJHS


Participating Schools

  • Fairmont Junior High- Boise, ID
  • North Junior High- Boise, ID
  • Boise High School- Boise, ID
  • New Plymouth High School, New Plymouth, ID
  • North Fremont High School- Ashton, ID
  • Renaissance High School- Meridian, ID
  • Borah High School- Boise, ID
  • Idaho Fine Arts Academy, Eagle, ID
  • Kuna High School- Kuna, ID
  • Timberlake Junior High – Athol, ID (statewide submission)
  • One Stone High School – Boise, ID (statewide submission)
  • Skyview High School – Nampa, ID (statewide submission)

2018 ChalkHeART Challenge Submissions Slideshow

Poems that inspired the 2018 ChalkHeART Challenge submissions

Select images below to view the 2018 Middle/Junior High School and the High School Stories of Transformation collection booklets: