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We Choose All of Us is a middle school and high school campaign to inspire transformative culture shifts. We choose a world where everyone is valued, where everyone is safe(r), and where everyone can thrive.

We Choose All of Us believes in our collective humanity and our deep connections to all living things. Together, we can end gender violence – relationship abuse and sexual assault – and all forms of domination and violence. Our choice to love has power and the choice to transform our communities begins with you.

We Choose All of Us campaign is inspired by the power of graphic novels to change the societal conditions that allows violence in all its forms to occur – the many ways we devalue and “other” human beings based on social identities of gender, race, ability, and more; our disconnection from ourselves and each other; and our need to heal intergenerational trauma. Graphic novels are a way to share narratives about our past and future generations, stories that reflect our true authentic selves throughout time and space. Writers like Octavia Butler and Nnedi Okorafor have used graphic novels and science fiction in ways to reshape our understanding of reality. Exposing us to new thoughts and ideas about what our world could really be like. We choose graphic novels to recreate our communities around love and wholeness in order to see us ALL heal and thrive! We Choose All of Us incorporates seven themes that reflect our interdependence as human beings and the belief that together we can end gender violence—abuse and sexual assault—and all forms of domination and violence and features the illustrations of teen artist Tai Boutviseth.

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For anyone working on the prevention of violence, check out the Our Gender Revolution: Social Change to End Gender Violence Guide

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2019 | We Choose All of Us – High School Poster Series

2019 | We Choose All of Us – Middle School Poster Series

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