Activism: The Movement

Compassionate, peaceful communities with respect, equity and justice for all human beings.

Our generation has the chance to do things differently. We have the potential to be amazing leaders and to get our friends involved in creating a better world. Teens have always been outraged at injustice – from the Civil Rights Movement, to the feminist, LGBTQ, and immigrant rights movements, and have come together to create lasting change. Let’s do the same to end violence in our relationships and communities.

Our vision

Our vision is of compassionate, peaceful communities with respect, equity and justice for all human beings. In this vision, all people will work together to make our communities stronger as a whole; and in turn, create powerful future generations where violence against women and girls is no longer a common occurrence and violence in all our communities is no longer accepted. In this vision, we stand together with those who are oppressed and fight injustice, even in the face of resistance.

We want to inspire younger generations and each other to end violence. We have that power to make that change. Are you ready for the challenge?


Movements are about moving people – your friends, family, your school, and community – to action. Think about your friends, adults or organizations in your school or community who support your vision and are willing to help!


Social movements often begin with conversations – conversations among everyday people about the change they want to see in their own lives, their communities, and the world. Our movement to end violence also needs to begin there! So spark a conversation in your circle of friends, school, or community about why creating compassionate, peaceful communities free from violence is important to you!


Organize to build power as a group and using this power to create positive change in out lives. This can be tough! But you don’t have to do this alone! Get others involved! Connect with teens, adults and organzations that are working to end violence. Need ideas for getting involved and creating solutions? Click here!

Join the movement to end violence