The #WeChooseAllofUs Challenge is designed to show the power and unity of not only certain people, but all peoples in our communities. We want to see radical human connection. We want to see the power of change that young people hold in your schools, neighborhoods, and communities. The #WeChooseAllofUs Challenge is to help you make change in your community. Your choices have power, and this challenge will help you access that power for social change!

Unfair treatment, harassment, or discrimination based on gender or gender expression is wrong and creates the conditions for gender violence – abuse and sexual assault – to occur. We also do not live single issue lives: we see the limitations of single identities of gender, sexual orientation, race, ability, class, religion, immigration and refugee status. We know that discrimination against any person hurts all of us. We choose to interrupt and end all forms of hate, oppression, and violence. We want to create a world where everyone is valued for their full selves. This challenge is designed to encourage you to envision a world where everyone is valued and treated with respect, compassion, and love – a world free from hate and domination.

The Challenge We want you to show us how you choose all of us! What can you do locally to show connection and unity? How do you show up for the people in your communities? Create an event that connects young people and allows collective understanding to shine through. This activity or event can be most anything you imagine. We want you to get creative.

We want to hear your voices. Think outside the box. Radical connection with people goes beyond community service. Show us the stories that often go unheard in your community and create an opportunity for everyone to envision a world in which everyone is seen and valued for their humanity.

Step One: Act as a Revolutionary Individual, Club, or Organize a Team or Your School!

You can participate in the #WeChooseAllofUs Challenge as an individual or as a team of two or more Idaho high school students (9th through 12th grade). As a group, or individual, you have the potential to bring about big change in your school and community with this project. If you form a group, try to engage people from many different lived experiences. While adult involvement is not required, collaborating with adults in an intergenerational partnerships can be effective to create lasting change. If you are in a group, be sure to collaborate together and that all members are valued and heard.

Step Two: Envision a Community Where Everyone is Loved and Valued

Now that you or your group has decided to participate in the challenge, it’s time to brainstorm! Spend time talking and thinking through the problems in your community or school around inclusion, diversity, and equity. Imagine what your school or community would look like if everyone was valued and seen! Think about and write down your vision. Remember that this vision needs to incorporate gender and social equity. If you need more guidance around gender and social equity go to the to read key articles from the National Geographic Gender Revolution special issue. It will spark your thinking about gender and social equity in your community.

Click here to view steps three, four, and five in the We Choose All of Us Challenge Guide

Submit Your Vision and Action by the Deadline March 15th

Download the We Choose All of Us Challenge Entry Form for the scoring and the process for entering your vision and action. Attach photographs or visuals of your event for extra points!




  • All of Us: All individuals and team members who enter the We Choose All of Us Challenge will receive a We Choose All of Us T-shirt and free tuition to the 2017 We Choose All of Us Youth Organizing Summit.
  • Team: The top five Idaho high school teams receive $500.
  • Individual: The top ten high school individuals receive $250.
  • Innovation Prize: $1,000 to the team or individual that demonstrates innovation and impact in moving towards a world rooted In interdependence, resilience, and regeneration by weaving together our voices, our stories, and our hearts.

You must score at least an 80 to be eligible for the award.